Create a Happy Gut with the FODMAP Diet.

''FODMAP Diet - Elimination Phase''
teaches you how to calm your gut in the first phase of the diet.

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What is included in the Course 

▶️ Value Packed Videos

This digital course includes 10 value packed videos, teaching you everything you need to know to gain quick results in the Elimination phase of the FODMAP diet.

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That's right, no more endless searching for answers on your questions. We created a WhatsApp community to get all your questions answered in this phase of the diet. 

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Free to download course pdf to save, print, or share with a friend/family member who you would like to educate on the FODMAP diet.

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Lesson 1: Introduction to FODMAPs

Learn what FODMAPs are and discover what happens in your gut, when you consume foods that contain FODMAPs.

Lesson 2: Elimination Phase Explained

Explanation of all the phases of the FODMAP diet, including a deep-dive into the elimination phase of the FODMAP diet.  

Lesson 3: Monash FODMAP App Walkthrough

Together, we explore the Monash FODMAP app and discover it's most important, hidden functions.

Lesson 4: Using a Food Diary

Discover how to use a food diary and which symptoms to include. Print PDF and online version included for download.  

Lesson 5: Food Planning

Learn how to plan meals in three different ways: Recipe Books, Chat GPT and the Monash FODMAP App. Choose your own method to make your life easier and gain better results. 

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Who this Course is for 👍

  • You are diagnosed with IBS and want to get rid of abdominal pain, bloating, windiness, diarrhea or constipation
  • You want to start with the elimination phase of the FODMAP diet
  • You want to invest your efforts in a proven method. 80% of people who suffer from IBS, experience symptom relieve on the FODMAP diet.
  • You value your time and want information presented in a logical order.

Who this Course is NOT for 👎

  • You experience serious gut related health issues. Please consult a healthcare professional to discuss a treatment plan.
  • You aren't willing to listen and prefer to figure things out on your own.

Meet your FODMAP Coach

Hi there! I’m Ruben Sonius and I have been suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) most of my life. In 2019, after years of pain and discomfort I stumbled upon the FODMAP diet.

In my first week of the FODMAP diet I was amazed how quickly my abdominal pain and frustrating toilet visits were disappearing. That was the moment I became a big fan of the FODMAP diet.

Over the years I have spend hours of reading websites, books and recently completed the FODMAP specialization course of the Monash University.

I am not a dietitian, doctor or therapist. I am here to inform and inspire you about the FODMAP diet. My mission is to give you the right knowledge and confidence so that you can start transforming your life. If I can do it, you can do it too :)

After 5 years of living with the FODMAP diet I felt there should be a quicker way to gather all the essential knowledge about the FODMAP diet.

That is exactly why I created this video course. So that you can achieve the same results with the FODMAP diet in just 1/10th of the time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long do I get access?

You will get life time access to this video course. This way you can always come back for a refresh. I also update my course content on a continuous basis.

Can't I learn all of this on YouTube or Instagram?

Yes you could. But a side effect of only learning on social media is that you will waste dozens of hours learning the same thing and searching for content that will only partially answer your questions. To be empowered to solve your IBS symptoms you need a complete information package that will guide you through the elimination phase.

Shouldn't I go to a dietitian instead of buying this course?

I always recommend visiting a dietitian. However, dietitians can be costly and will have limited time to educate you. As a result you might miss essential knowledge to implement changes successfully. This course solves that issue.

What if the FODMAP diet doesn't work for me, considering I might be in the 20% for whom it's not effective?

If you do not respond to the low FODMAP diet, you can contact me for a full refund within a 14-day period.

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